Studio 1 Control Room

Control Room & Equipment

Studio 1 comprises of a 192 tracks  Protools HD3  system for any recording situation including live bands, programming, production, voice over editing.. Protools HD is used by the biggest selling artists in the music industry

To get that professional sound you need professional equipment, starting with good microphones from AKG, SHURE, ELECTRO VOICE and NEUMANN U87. We are always updating equipment so please don’t hesitate to ring for more information.

Tele  07984440596

STUDIO   RATE   START   FROM  FOR 1 HOUR  £ 40ph    AND    £35ph  for  2 HOURS OR MORE    

special  rates  for  block  booking

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Examples of current equipment:

studio master series II 40 inputs automated Monitors Tannoy little gold, near fill monitors, Yamaha  NS10 Alesis monitor. Keyboard & associated hardwares & software Protools hd3 plugings. Autotune Evo, Akai s3000, s900+ (s3000 sound library),    xr1300 smpte,Roland R8 Roland jv880,roland xv-5080 yamaha drum module tmx,  kaiwi k1, Sound canvase, casio vz10m, digitech vocalist harmoniser, Hammond, fender Rhodes, Roland 101 bass sound sony, moorg bass sounds, (and much more). Outboards Alesis quardverbs, Alesis midi verbs Boss se50 processors, digital delays (medium, long & short) Procrastinator processors Ultrafex enhancers, compressors Limiters, gates, expanders, Upward expanders, downward expanders Compressor/ limiter digitech expanders Grm tools 1 band comb filter Grm tools 5 band comb filter Grm tools Doppler effect mono/ stereo Grm tools linear- phase equaliser Grm tools shuffing mono/ stereo Dnrim broad band noise reduction Dinr- hum removal F2 focusrite digidesign/ band 4 & 6 band Mdt multiband dynamics tool Plate runner reverb Tc electronic chrorus delay Tc electronic reverbs